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Fiera Norteña Writers Jam 2024

Posted by ralph2320 - 1 month ago

I chose the word SHOWDOWN but it also brings something of LEGACY since I will be writing about family.

I want to clarify that English is not my first language but I am currently studying a degree in it, well this is like a task for me to try to leave a comment.

I'm going to speak as if he were that relative and talk a little about him since I don't know much about him.

I am Riquelme and I was a wrestling fighter, all my life I have always wanted to be a fighter since I can remember, I can remember how I fought against the bullies in my neighborhood and at school during my childhood, when fighting I felt a sensation unique when he did it, to lose control and let your repressed primitive instincts control you. 


my childhood was marked with the death of my mother, she died of an unknown illness between 1956 when I was 9 years old, from that day on my world changed, my father almost never set foot in the house, but we still He loved only that he took refuge in alcohol, my brother and I tried to leave the past and move forward. 


Later, when I was 16, I was able to graduate as a welder and work in a nearby workshop where they repaired cars for a few years. Over time, my brother and I grew up and our father died, leaving us alone. Over time I met the woman of my life who would start a family all around the 80's. At that time, I was around 30 years old. 


The increase in the cost of living thanks to tyranny made me look for extra money, and I saw a unique opportunity to fulfill my dream of being a wrestling fighter. I was able to talk to the don who did the shows, he gave me the opportunity to debut in a month in the center of the city, the don asked me my fighter's name to advertise, and I told him "I´m Fiera norteña." 


My wife was the first to find out about my new career, she respected my decision since it was the desire of my soul and we also needed an extra income of money, I was able to talk to my brother Macario, he motivated me to do it for the future of the Riquelme's. 


After a month I took the bus to the city, I started to think if my mother and father would like this...obviously not, but I would like to know if they would support me, I started to cry when I remembered my mother and father, but this It would motivate me for what's to come. 


When I arrived, I spoke with the don to tell me about today's show, the don informed me that there would be 3 confrontations and mine would be the last against a guy called ¨El Adversario¨ 


I was watching the first 2 fights, it was pure art to see these fights, how these men left everything in the ring, beyond money they fought for glory. 


I started to change my clothes, which were blue boots and underwear, an outfit that would accompany me throughout my career as a wrestler. 


It was my turn, I couldn't wait any longer, my heart wanted to jump out of my chest, I headed to the ring moving among the people," El Adversario" was waiting for me in the ring, he was a guy about six feet tall, he was dressed in a yellow and red boots, red underwear and a red mask, but I wasn't intimidated by his outfit. 


At that moment the referee will explain to me. the rules of the ring for me. They don't fight dirty hits and after a moment the referee said fight! 


I was trying to keep the distance by hitting from afar, but in one of those blows he grabbed my arm with tremendous force, pulling me towards him and receiving me with a Dropkick, I went from being on the ground in the blink of an eye. , but I recovered by grabbing one of his legs to make him fall, I didn't let go of his leg and I put him in a padlock to hurt his leg, but he started kicking me in the face, at that moment I started to act, like a crocodile with its prey and I began to roll in the ring without letting go of his leg. 


The referee intervened for the duration of the grab, separated us and relocated me and the opponent face to face in the middle of the ring, once again the fight began, I began to land a series of blows on his face and ended with a I kicked him in the stomach, but he got up in a second and ran to my neck, grabbing me in a headlock. 


I didn't know what to do since I didn't know much about keys, but my elbows started hitting his ribs until he let me go. When he let me go, I was already feeling hurt and he also seemed tired. I tried to resist, but what happened next was hard for me. 


I started to catch my breath, but he came back and attacked me, jumping straight at me, landing with a blow to my nose breaking it, the pain scared me to death and at that moment people knew why he called me ¨Fiera¨. 


With the scare my survival instinct came to light, I felt a shock of adrenaline run through my body, I ran towards him doing a sliding kick, knocking him down when he was on the ground, I stepped on his chest several times, I lifted him with both hands above my head and I scared him against the floor of the ring, I ended up launching him towards him and grabbing his right arm and left leg to do the count. 


1...2...3... I started to hear people shout and applaud me, I had won. The referee raised my right hand so that the public could admire me. 


That was my first fight and where I began my career as a wrestler, working in wrestling shows for about 10 more years being a regular wrestler but defending my honor, with the profits I obtained I was able to help both my family and my family. brother, I even opened my own workshop. where I planned to work for the rest of my days upon retiring from fighting. but. 


In the 90s I was in my workshop welding some parts, without realizing how toxic the smell that the welding gave off was, I died but not in vain, I helped my family, and I died doing something I liked. As my brother said, I must think about the future of the Riquelme's and that is what I did. 


Rest in peace my grandfather's brother, having you as a family member is an honor for us Riquelme's. 

This is a photo of him that I found online, it is the only one, there are two other photos but they are where my grandparents.


If you want to know more about him, you can write to me and I will gladly respond to you, que Dios me los bendiga.




Great work! It was really heartwarming to read a piece honoring someone you look up to and I respect your endurance to write a piece in a language you're still learning! I was able to follow the story all the way through and I'm glad you participated! Thank you, I hope to see you in the next one too!

I had already lost hope that anyone would read that, so much so that I felt sad and created another blog to hide it. Thank you for your opinion, the truth is that I thought it was an incoherent piece of writing, but if you could read it, any English speaker can read it. I feel happy, thank you kind soul.